Generative AI for National Security

ChatGPT type capabilties for secure, local, air gapped systems.

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Generative AI for Air-gapped Systems

LeapfrogAI mirrors OpenAI and Hugging Face API surfaces so secure and disconnected environments can have a ChatGPT-like experience while fully disconnected from the internet.

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Vector Databases and Embedding Creation

LeapfrogAI has efficient similarity searches on large-scale databases and generative embeddings which can be used for semantic similarity, clustering, and more.

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Fine-tune Custom Models

LeapfrogAI has the ability to leverage customer-specific data to fine-tune models that enable the AI to better understand your domain and provide more accurate contextual outputs.

Generative AI for Disconnected Systems

Modern Generative AI assumes your systems have access to the internet. This may work for 99% of the world, but certain SECURE systems need to maintain capabilities while being disconnected from the internet. LeapfrogAI provides the advanced AI capabilities available on the open internet in your Airgapped system.

Sometimes Disconnected

Some systems experience disconnection due to temporary loss of access, like a rocket going around the moon. LeapfrogAI keeps these systems running.

Always Disconnected

Other systems are always disconnected due to lack of internet access. Maybe they are underground, underwater, or on another planet.

Disconnected in Emergencies

The world's most important infrastructures need to control their connection to the internet and still run in the case of internet loss or cyber attacks.

Modalities supported by LeapfrogAI

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Text to Text

Integrate ChatGPT-type capabilities into your existing tools, like Mattermost.

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Speech to Text

Quickly translate speech to text with these capabilities with the ability to train it on your own data.

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Text to Vector

Enhance the precision and accuracy of AI-driven capabilities with retrieval augmented generation.

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